Carolien van Maaswaal
Brief synopsis

During a night in a hotel room, the walls are the only witnesses of the events that occur. These memories about a guest will vanish when her regular visitor, the housekeeper, cleans the room and brings it back to it’s original state.

What do these memories, that are left behind, tell us about what happened the night before?
Director's biography

Carolien van Maaswaal (Eindhoven 1992), 2012 graduate at Willeme I college as an AV-specialist, ’s-Hertogenbosch. During these courses she got convinced about the fact that making documentaries was her way of sharing her perspective of the world. Therefor she chose to start the film documentary bachelor at the Netherlands Film Academy. Her goal is to achieve a viewer's rediscovery of certain elements in life. Life seems so ordinary, which is proven not to be in her films.
Mentia Poster
Project Details

Year of completion 2017

Length 13"


Dancer Pascal Sangl

Dancer Yoko Ono Haveman

Dancer Lisa Hennig-Olsen

Housekeeper Lili Kooijman


Director Carolien van Maaswaal

Producers Eefje Helmus Thomas Mataheru

Choreographer Andreas Hannes

Cinematography Christiaan van Leeuwen

Sound designer Koos van der Vaart

Sound recordist Selle Sellink

Editor Mischa Lamping

Composer Ernst Spyckerelle